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Stella Tasca was born in 1977 in Italy.

She studied at the Art College and Academy of Fine Arts in Rome

She has attended a course of curators of exhibitions in 2003


In 2003 she opens  GALLERIA STELLA(a contemporary art gallery)

In 2006 it’s time for TEMPORARY LOVE gallery(the first concept store in which art and fashion come together,where all accessories are exclusively designed by contemporary artists).

has collaborated with many international artists and art galleries Spanish, French, American, Norwegian.


She started painting in 2002 when her favourite musicians were on tour,left alone in a sad Rome she had no choice but picking up the brush and cut a piece of wood.

Materials and instruments used includes:stencil,beads,mylar and glitter,drill,nails and light bulbs;lately also needle,thread and serigraphy.


Stella tasca’s work has various references ranging from photography to underground visual culture.her work is a mix of spichedelia, graffitismo, pop, an interesting combination, which forms the roots of her work, aimed at an immediate and engaging visual communication.

2010 - present
2010 - present
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